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We live in a multi-ethnic society with diverse religions, cultures and languages, and hence it makes sense to show this rich social fabric.

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Again, older shows like Nukkad portrayed this beautifully. Social issues — Realistic handling of social issues is the need of the hour.

To a family living in a single room tenement in rural Rajasthan, struggling to get two meals a day, that kind of life would seem aspirational for their girl children; hence, the show ended up glorifying child marriage. Sexual assault and teen pregnancy are the real problems in a child marriage.

Body image — Instead of having only fair-skinned, slim actors, having characters of different body types and skin tones would help not just in creating positive role models for the youth, but also make the reel world more realistic. Those in the entertainment industry often forget that they can be influencers of societal mind-set. That is a great power indeed, and more efforts should be made to channelise it the right way.


Says Prateeskha, who belongs to the young, educated, urban woman category, Actually, if you follow television shows over the past few years, there has been a lot of improvement. Yes, there is regressive content, but there have also been several shows recently that try to tackle social issues like neglect of the girl child or the importance of women having the freedom to pursue their career dreams and other life goals.

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It looks like the heart is in the right place for many of creative teams behind the shows, but in the end they mostly prefer to play it safe. A working woman has to be shown working hard to get the blessings of her family and striving doubly hard to take care of the husband, in-laws and children, lest she be seen as too ambitious and strong-minded. Many of the shows also get into the TRP game, and popular shows end up extending the storylines unnecessarily with silly, contrived plots, which end up making the women look like caricatures.

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The soaps in regional languages dish out similar fare and are no better. Other than the obvious — better production values and well-written scripts, what do we need on Indian shows to make them more in tune with the 21 st century? Famous doctoral dissertation university for Sample essay classification writing its traditional Irish music session, it is sample essay chinese new year a very.

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